Just Shut Up.

I just had to send this one out again…


Relax. I wasn’t talking to you – I was talking to me. I’m continually amazed how many times I still have to say this to myself. Like, multiple times daily. Sometimes hourly.

Terry… just shut up.

Most of the times I utter these words, something uncomfortable is taking place, and my “gift of gab” is out of control. I’m with someone who is hurting, devastated maybe, and I say something stupid.

Here’s some examples:

“I will pray for you.” 

Terry, just shut up.

Prayer is way too important to use as a get-out-of-the-moment-free card. I will pray for you. Saying that is often simply a glorified Hallmark greeting card.

Better strategy – pray with them right then. Or at least ask them how you can pray for them. 

“The Lord told me you should read this verse.” 

Just shut up.

The Bible is certainly a living word from God. But…

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