I knew I could trust him…

Here’s excerpts from an online news article I read a few years back:

LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany (CNN) — Kamil Kaplan faced a horrifying decision as flames engulfed his apartment building: Does he drop his 9-month-old nephew four stories to a policeman or hope the baby boy survives the suffocating smoke?

Kaplan chose to drop the boy, Onur Celar — a dramatic life-saving moment captured in photographs seen around the world.

“It was terrible. I just had to make a decision,” he told CNN.

The smoke and flames were becoming unbearable. It was now or never.

“I took the child from my sister, the mother,” he said. “She and the father were screaming: ‘Don’t do it! Don’t do it!’ But I didn’t listen.”

He added, “I looked into the eyes of the policeman below, and I knew I could trust him.”

The police officer caught the baby, and he is now doing well.

“If the cop wouldn’t have been standing down there,” he said. “I would have just taken the boy and jumped down with him in my arms to save him.”

Moral of the story?

Don’t take a flying leap (especially if you’re holding precious cargo – and we all are!) without trusting the Catcher. Look Him in the eye every day.