The Benefit of Not Looking For Benefits

Advertisers know to sell benefits rather than products. People want to feel good and be comfortable, secure, safe, happy, and valuable. If we have a product for sale, we must feature benefits or it won’t sell.

This has adversely affected the proclamation of God’s gospel. The gospel features the product, Jesus and his glory. When we feature the benefits without fully proclaiming Him, we end up trying to use Jesus to get the benefits. The gospel, then,  is about mankind getting better, rather than the announcement that God has done something extraordinarily magnificent in presenting his Son. Many are willing to pray a prayer or conform to standard if they get peace, comfort, prosperity, health, and heaven in the deal.

God sent his Son who gave his life as a redeeming ransom. He was raised from the dead to rule over all that sin affected. He has removed us from the realm of slavery and established us in the liberty of divine love. Of course there are benefits, but they are included in the life that transcends the search for benefits. In this state the prison bars of self-satisfaction are broken, and we are free to live without the unrelenting ache for personal benefits.

That is the benefit.

Redeemed by the sacrifice of Jesus, we are forever forgiven and released from all our efforts to make up for our failures. No longer measuring our behavior by performance standards, we are captivated by the full acceptance of the one who will judge all things. God has judged Jesus on our behalf, and the passion of a whole new kind of love has been ignited in us. We have escaped the grasp of religion that seeks to focus us on attempts at personal godliness rather than the glory of the Son.

We can love like God loves. He is not looking for better self-esteem, more resources, security, and significance. His very nature is seen in his giving of himself.

Redemption includes the benefit of not having to look for benefits. 


(adapted from a post by Dudley Hall)